The proposed transport and parking solution has been redesigned to significantly improve traffic flow in and around the site, which will help to reduce traffic congestion and create a safer road environment for children and parents.

  • Two way vehicular access from both Rhododendron Walk and Forest Road, creating a greater range of options for parents during drop off and pick-up times
  • The road will have a central closed section with locked gates, which will be managed by the schools to ensure it is not used as a through road
  • Traffic lights will be provided at the new access onto Forest Road
  • Significant off-street parking within the school grounds for parents, teachers and visitors, with dedicated spaces for disabled drivers
  • Dedicated pick-up and drop-off points
  • Retention and improvement of the local footpath network that will link to Coach Road and Forest Road, in order to provide safer routes for children, parents and local residents
  • A detailed Construction Traffic Management Plan to be agreed with the Bracknell Forest Council before any works commence on site. This will regulate and monitor vehicle movements in order to make certain that construction traffic does not travel through the centre of the village. It will also regulate site management and working hours