Recreation Ground

Marplace has now decided to amend application and remove the Academy Golf Course element of the submitted proposals.

The western half of the field is now shown as a Recreation Ground on the amended Master Plans and Strategic Landscape Plan.

  • The area of open space, which is about 2.5ha (6.0 acres) could accommodate a number of different uses including sports pitches.
  • The revised masterplan shows how the area could be landscaped to preserve its openness and further enhance the overall setting of the site in the Green Belt.
  • Due to the impact of the major gas pipeline located in Coach Road and Forest Road, which prevents future housing development on that part of the site, outdoor recreation is the most appropriate use.
  • Marplace is open minded about the future of the Recreation Ground as open space for community use and are willing to discuss its potential use and whether it is in private or public ownership.