Significant changes have been made to the proposals for the North Ascot site to respond to residents’ feedback which include the;

  • Design of two options for the schools in order to respond to the possibility of a merger
  • Relocation of the schools to the eastern half of the field
  • Removal of a 6 hole academy golf course previously proposed for the whole of the western half of the field and replaced by recreation ground of 2.5ha (6.0 acres).
  • The introduction of affordable housing to respond to local need
  • Two way vehicular access from both Rhododendron Walk and Forest Road, creating a greater range of options for parents at drop off and pick-up times
  • The major redesign of the landscaping and formation of green spaces and outdoor facilities

The proposals still include:

  • A major private investment in state-of-the- art education facilities, designed by expert architects in consultation with Governors and teachers
  • A 50 place pre-school for local children
  • 24 high-quality, family homes, appropriate in scale and density for the local area
  • A new site and hut for the 1st Ascot (All Saints) Scout Group to provide a Scouting centre for the area